The Cello, Unaccompanied

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Common wisdom states that there isn't much concert repertory for the unaccompanied cello after Bach's Six Suites for Solo Cello and before composers in the 20th century began writing prolifically for the instrument. Though virtuosic cellists lived in all eras of music, composers seemingly ignored the versatile instrument. However, works for cello were written throughout history, though many have fallen by the wayside. The Cello, Unaccompanied seeks to highlight works from all eras of music - by famous, infamous, and unknown composers - pairing new and old works together in an eclectic display of compositional styles. 

The works that make up each of The Cello, Unaccompanied programs are drawn from a long list of solo works for the instrument. Programs are intended to highlight both the old and new works and are designed to bring out themes that cross musical boundaries and eras of composition.

Included Works:

J.S. Bach - Suites for Solo Cello (1720s)
Benjamin Britten - Suites for Cello (1960s-70s)
Joseph Colombo - Sweet (2009)
John Corigliano - Fancy on a Bach Air (1997)
Dominick DiOrio - Tarantella (2008)
Domenico Gabrielli - Seven Ricercari (1689)
Paul Hindemith - Sonata, op. 25, no. 3 (1923)
Andrew Paul Jackson - You are missing here. (2011)
Robert Maggio - Winter Toccata (1993)
Donald Martino - Suite of Variations on Medieval Melodies (1954)
Mark O'Connor - Appalachia Waltz (1990s)
Max Reger - Suites, op. 131c (1914)
John Tavener - Thrinos (2003)
Giovanni Battista Vitali - Partita for violone (1680)
Roger Zahab - reaching after (2003)

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